Quality Control & Packing Expertise with JulyLook

All productions are controlled by us before deliver to your warehouse.

When non-compliance with the demands or expectations is detected, it is presented to you with the report and sample and a solution is developed.

Shipment samples in the desired quantity and size are sent from the production and submitted for approval. all pre-shipment samples reflect the reality of products packed and ready to load

 We can organize freelance quality control  in AQL standarts all over Turkey for all your other orders.

Packing progress be managed acording to your requariments. We are making final progress with correct labels & trims & bags & boxes in correct packing way.


Customized Packaging & Seamless Logistics with JulyLook

We take a customized approach to packaging, ensuring that the packaging is not only functional but also reflects the brand’s image and identity. We work closely with our clients to understand their preferences and specifications, and we use this information to create a packaging solution that is both functional and visually appealing.

July Look provides full logistical support. We can offer our clients consolidated shipping solutions to streamline the shipping process. We can follow any type of packing instructions to secure a perfect arrival of the goods adapted to your needs.

Shipments are organized in different ways according to your region and urgency.We are ability to deliver by road & air or sea.